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DOB: 11/28/1987


  • Leeds Metropolitan University – MSc Sport Nutrition
  • American University – BSc Biology and Psychology

I have always been involved in and a lover of sport. Although my undergraduate degrees at American University opened my mind to a world of possibilities in the field, narrowing down these possibilities, proved more difficult than anticipated. Upon returning home, I completed internships with individuals who specialized in exercise physiology, physical therapy and personal training. Through these experiences, I was particularly concerned by the lack of expertise in the field of sport and exercise nutrition and its role as an asset in holistic sport and exercise development.

This realization led me to my Masters programme at Leeds Met in Sport and Exercise Science. The Sport Nutrition specialization was focused on practical application of the scientific theories around macro and micronutrient utilization in different sports, under different conditions and for different purposes. I have always been driven by the desire to return home to help develop local sports. I therefore focused most of my projects and assignments on nutrition within the scope of a Caribbean population, consulting Olympians, personal trainers and avid gym goers alike. My academic development included an in depth look into the evaluation of and consultation in sport and exercise nutrition, which has served me well since returning home.

I have given talks to members of the MOVE fitness group and individual athletes on a range of topics from the science and importance of breakfast to simple suggestions for healthy snacking and have formed a progressive working relationship with Tobias Ottley, founder of dbA. I am eager to develop my portfolio beyond the scope of fitness enthusiasts to include elite athletes through my work as the Nutrition consultant to the junior Olympic team.